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What is NeoSlim?

NeoSlim is a highly effective, 10-week online weight loss program that features an exclusive and revolutionary approach to losing weight. Engineered by Irish Psychotherapist and fitness expert, Richard Morrissey (co-founder of NeoGym Ireland), NeoSlim focuses on eliminating an issue that he discovered during years of trial and error with clients.

NeoSlim is the only weight loss program in the world that targets the number one cause of weight gain, Fat Building Neurons. Throughout the last 20 years Richard and his team have worked with a wide range of clients to find a wildly successful, yet simple way to remove this cause of excessive weight gain, so that his clients could lose weight and keep it off for good.



Your struggle is over! Click the play button and watch the video to discover a new solution to long-term weight loss.

“When I joined NeoSlim I thought it was going to be another version of the various weight loss programs that have been around for years. But it soon became clear this was ‘The Promise Land’ in regard to weight loss and good health.”

John Blundell

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We are so confident in the success of our mental approach to losing weight.If you join NeoSlim and follow each of the steps that are clearly laid out for you in an easy to access manner, you’ll see results.

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Welcome to the last weight loss program you will ever need. NeoSlim will help you take back the control over your health and lifestyle again. You’ll know it’s working because you will start to actually feel the results.

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Wake up feeling ready to take on the day and have the energy to handle whatever life throws at you.

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Learn how to eliminate stressful environments and triggers to have more peace and control.

Enhanced Moods

Many students report that their happiness levels go up and that they get their sex life back!

More Confidence

Feel more confident in the way you are presenting yourself to the world around you.

Feeling Healthier

As you start to get stronger and more fit your overall sense of health and wellness will increase.

Better Sleep

Learn how to structure your days in a way that promote a healthier sleep life.

“After only 12 weeks of NeoSlim I have lost inches everywhere. I had tried every diet under the sun and nothing actually motivated me to be healthier and get fit like NeoSlim.”



Our mobile-friendly NeoSlim program allows you to complete each lesson anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Learn how to think your way to a healthier, fitter you from the comfort of your favorite couch.


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Scroll down to discover what is covered in each module inside of our world-class weight loss program.


There is infinite advice out there on the topic of weight loss and fitness, and it can be unclear to know which direction to follow. Cut through the confusion in module 1 so you can set yourself up for longterm success, and begin the journey to a better body and life.


Have you ever felt like there’s an invisible force holding you back from the results you desire? Discover how to break free from the control your environment has on you and instead use powerful psychological hacks that are scientifically proven to give you control back.


In this module we will evaluate what motivates you and carefully uncover ways to stack your motivators in a very specific order so that it ignites an unstoppable fire inside you.


In this module you will learn to paint a mental picture with two distinct roads and two distinct futures. This encourages self awareness and develops new associations to influence positive behavior.


Module 5 provides the opportunity to evaluate how much of the NeoSlim material you are actually applying, in addition to a recap, so that you are positioned to get the most from what is yet to come.


Why is it on the one hand you may want to be fit and healthy while the other hand reaches for junk food? Module 6 will teach you how to calm this inner conflict and prevent self sabotage for long-term success


Take back control over your diet by learning the 7 steps to crushing food cravings and discover the key variables that influence your eating behaviors and results.


In module 8 you will learn why “stress’ is a variable that can have a significant influence on your fitness and weight loss results and more importantly you will learn effective ways to manage it


Self Mastery is a trait that often feels far from possible. In this module you will learn how to acquire it, so that you are no longer a victim to your circumstances, but rather you will learn how to develop self control.


Discover the 10 pillars of NeoSlim that once applied will bring about long term success, while ensuring that due to your participation in NeoSlim, will alter the course of your life in a positive way forever.


You can finally stop living a life that is held back by a weight struggle. A healthier, happier, and fitter you is less than 10 weeks away with NeoSlim.

Meet Your New Health Coach

NeoSlim is presented by Richard Morrissey, he is the co founder of NeoGym Ireland, which is based in Clontarf, Dublin. On the subject of weight loss Richard has given hundreds of talks, through workshops and seminars, in addition he has done countless 1 to 1 sessions within NeoGyms weight loss clinic, which specialises in utilising behavioural change techniques from the field of clinical hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and psychology.

How many times can I watch the lessons?

As often as you want! When you join the NeoSlim program you get 24/7 lifetime access to the digital course and all of its materials.

Do I need to be in a certain shape to start?

Not at all. NeoSlim was created to give anyone who joins the tools and motivation they need to start losing weight and find lasting success.

Many of our clients were at their wits end with their weight loss struggle and had tried every other option available.

NeoSlim has proven to be highly effective with all shapes and sizes.

How long will it take me to start seeing results?

Let’s get this straight, we don’t believe in overnight fixes and magic pills.

These types of promises do not deliver lasting results and we are not here to sell false hope.

That said, many of our clients have said that they started noticing results after the very first week!

NeoSlim is engineered to bring you results inside the timeframe of our 10-week program. Each module was carefully constructed to help you build off of the success of the last.

Is this one of those "pay for results" programs?

Not at all. NeoSlim is a weight loss program that you need to only purchase once and can have a multitude of benefits for the rest of your life.

Other weight loss programs can add up costs for additional support like diets or exercise schedules, but NeoSlim includes everything you need to get into the fittest version of yourself all at an amazingly low one-time payment.

Will the hypnosis part of the program work for anyone?

Yes. Hypnotism works for any person that allows it to work for them.

Unfortunately, because of circus acts and magic shows hypnotism has gotten a bad rap and many people believe that it is all hocus pocus.

But make no mistake, hypnotism is very real and works all the time. Many marketing and advertising agencies understand this and use the power of hypnosis to suggest you to buy their products.

Why not use the power of suggestion to get yourself back into a healthy life?

“For the first time in my life I felt like I was losing weight without even trying to do so!”

Anna D.


When you join NeoSlim you will receive everything you need to lose weight for the last time. Get started today so that you can live healthier and happier tomorrow.